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Public schools are better than private schools.

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The debate between the comparison of public and private educational institutes will go to eternity. Both have their own significance in their particular fields. However, is school who re responsible for the development of the children? If so, then which one is better public or private ones? Many feel that the public school is better than private, is that true? Let’s have a look at the following characteristics of public school which I have taken from “help with assignment” service.
• Public schools are affordable and they provide minimum required structure to meet the basic needs.
• Private schools don’t accommodate the low economic group students. Education is the freedom for everyone and the public school provides education to all the children of state without any partially.
• Public school also provides basic physical education and sports facilities to the students.
• Policies like education to the girl child and free compulsory education are only possible only in public schools.
• Private schools cannot fulfill the important educational requirements for the staff that the public schools fulfill.
• Public schools provide a good salary to their teachers and management faculties.
Public schools are definitely better than the government schools as they would provide better infrastructure.
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